Read on to find out how you can use our data to maximise your return on Facebook Advertising….

When spending money on marketing, you want to make sure you are reach the people who are most likely going to buy your tickets.  The problem is, how do you identify them, and use that data to sell tickets for an event? receives 6.5 million unique visits a month with 48 million page views a month – we know all the data on what they are looking at and buying. We realised we can never run enough campaigns to service all of these people all of the time, so instead, we let promoters and venues advertise to them instead.

How does it work?

On our Facebook Business account we can track all kinds of behaviour on our site and put them into audiences. We can identify people who have shown interest in your event, but not yet purchased; we can use all the data of those who have purchased your tickets, to create a lookalike identifying people who have the same interests and behaviours as your purchasers; and finally, we can find people interested in related artists and events and get your event in front of people who have bought or researched affinity events.

The sheer volume of data and the fact that these people have come to a retail site ready to spend money on an event makes this data incredibly powerful to sell your tickets and can enhance the power of your campaigns, without compromising your own audiences.

What about GDPR?

We only track people who have opted into our cookies to hear from Ticketmaster. This is huge number of people.

These ads are run from Ticketmaster, but are highly targeted for your event.  We are unable to give other brands access to this data.

Want to use TM data to sell tickets for your event?

Contact your Client Marketing Manager for more information and to book your advert in today. If you don’t currently sell your tickets through Ticketmaster and want to sign up, contact us.