We can’t wait to return to public spaces, but understand that there are still guidelines to follow for social distancing, and we can help you manage that.

We have a free of charge platform called Universe that allows you to issue time slot ‘tickets’ to your visitors in advance online and on the door.

The app is usually used to sell tickets to events, but it’s a perfect easy and free way to manage access to your pub, cafe or space.

All you need to do is create an account with Universe, set up an event per day (it’s easy to duplicate events if you want to sell over days or months) and set up your time slots. You can limit the ticket numbers to whatever you like.

Here are the steps:

You can make these tickets available on your website, Facebook or through a link, shout loud through your marketing channels and monitor the take up in your Universe seller account.

Next task is to download the BoxOffice app on your smartphone. Not only can you access your list of visitors, it will turn your phone into a ticket scanner, so you can scan in everyone who arrives at the time slot they have arranged.

The app will help you keep tabs on your capacity in real time, so you know when you can allow walk ups into your venue.

Plus, if you need to look up scanning history for any individual you can do that within the app.

If people arrive on the door and you want to allocate them a time slot, either give them the booking link, lend them an ipad to do the booking, or sign them up yourself on your device. Whatever works for you.

It will work for any space; amusement arcades, fun fairs, libraries, bingo halls, social clubs, you name it.

There are plenty of extra tools too. You can:

  • Turn on a waiting list for when you’re at capacity
  • Turn on the transfer feature to allow visitors to send tickets onto friends
  • Send additional messages to visitors about the event
  • Allow visitors to subscribe to your mailing list
  • Ask additional questions to visitors when they purchase the free ticket or ask for all attendee names
  • Sell products or tickets to events (fees may apply)

Finally, it’s all very flexible. You can use the wording you want, the branding and imagery you want, and if your opening plans change, you can change them in the app and notify everyone who has a ticket.